Monday, Oct 18, 2021
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La Palma volcano: Residents lament losses as lava engulfs more homes

CA, 09 Oct 2021
Residents of Spain's La Palma island lamented the losses they had suffered from the volcano, with red-hot lava once again consuming more homes and buildings Saturday.

One man, Jose Roberto Sanchez, said he had lost his parents' land in Todoque to the molten rock. "The memories of my parents, the inheritance I had there, it's all gone," he told journalists.

Clara Maria nearly lost her home in Todoque, saying the lava had not reached it yet and she was hopeful it would be saved.

The volcano has destroyed nearly 1,150 buildings and engulfed about 480 hectares of land since it began erupting Sept. 19. La Palma authorities are continuing to urge calm, despite the spread of the lava.

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