Saturday, Oct 23, 2021
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Dams dry up as Brazil's São Paulo grapples with severe drought

CA, 10 Oct 2021
Brazil, one of the world's agricultural superpowers, is grappling with one of its worst droughts in nearly a century.

The lack of rainfall has hurt farmers and forced the country to rely more on costly thermoelectric power plants, stoking inflation and dragging on the economy.

The level of the Cantareira System, a water supply system in the state of São Paulo, has reached the lowest volume ever recorded in the last five years according to the Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo.

Greenpeace's climate and justice spokesperson in Brazil, Pamela Gopi, said droughts in the Amazon are also a warning sign that should be used to demand action from the government to tackle the climate issue.

"It's possible to get around the crises that the country and the world are facing right now due to the extreme events of climate change. But for this it is necessary to act urgently because there is no planet B," Gopi said.

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