Monday, Nov 30, 2020
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Uighurs in Exile: Arrested and deported back to China – BBC Newsnight

BBC, 01 Oct 2020
Newsnight has found that Uighur people in the Middle East have been targeted by nations including Saudi Arabia, in apparent cooperation with China’s notorious crackdown on the ethnic minority. Please subscribe HERE

Uighur pilgrims and students in Saudi Arabia have been detained and forcibly deported back to China where they are understood to be placed into the county’s notorious ‘re-education’ camps.

Besides deportations, activists estimate that hundreds of Uighurs have been pressured by Chinese authorities to return from abroad countries by threats and long imprisonments of family members back home.

China and Saudi Arabia have denied the targeting of Uighurs in this manner.

Emir Nader reports and this film was produced by Maria Polachowska.
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