Friday, Dec 09, 2022
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Planet Normal: Queen's death marks 'monumental turning of page in British history' | Podcast

Telegraph, 22 Sep 2022
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After a momentous period in which we lost our beloved Queen, the Planet Normal co-hosts are back to reflect on the historic turn of events.

Allison was moved by scenes of people queueing to view the late Queen's lying-in-state, and shares her thoughts on the seismic sense of change the country is experiencing. Liam reveals the surprising warmth towards Her Majesty that he witnessed in Ireland, of all places, after the news of her death.

But the tsunami of news rolls on with a major announcement on energy and a mini budget this week. Our resident economic expert, Liam Halligan, is on hand to answer the all important question: What is ‘Trussonomics’?

Also boarding the rocket of right thinking this week is Tony Lodge, a political and energy expert who reveals why he's calling for a public inquiry into the energy crisis.

And, our co-hosts share some creative ways Planet Normal listeners will be saving energy this winter.

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