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Protests against Iran’s morality police intensify: “Women, life, freedom” #shorts

Guardian, 23 Sep 2022
“Women, life, freedom”. These are the words heard at Mahsa Amini’s funeral, which have been repeated by protesters across Iran, including in a video which shows young women burning their hijabs while male protesters fight off security forces.
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Mahsa Amini​, 22, ​was detained ​by morality police ​on 16 September for allegedly wearing a hijab headscarf in an “improper” way. Activists said the woman, whose Kurdish first name is Jhina, had suffered a fatal blow to the head, a claim denied by officials, who have announced an investigation. Police continue to maintain that she died of natural causes, but her family suspect that she was subjected to beating and tortur​e.

Iran has​ now​ shut off the internet in parts of Tehran and Kurdistan and blocked access to platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp in an attempt to curb a growing protest movement that has relied on social media to document dissent.

Iranian state media reported that by Wednesday street rallies had spread to 15 cities, with police using teargas and making arrests to disperse crowds of up to 1,000 people.​ ​On Thursday, protesters torched police stations and vehicles in several cities.​ ​
This comes as anti-regime demonstrations spilled into cyberspace, with videos of women burning their hijabs going viral. Other women have been posting emotional videos in which they cut their hair in protest under the hashtag #Mahsa_Amini.

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