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Why Australia is up in arms over video of 'twerking' dance routine at launch of aircraft carrier

Telegraph, 15 Apr 2021
A dance troupe's performance at an Australian Navy event created a furore as initial criticism over apparent twerking at dignitaries turned into a story of inaccurate media coverage and criticism of the national broadcaster by the prime minister.

The Defence Department found itself in hot water over reports of inappropriate entertainment at the commissioning of a £1.1 billion naval ship in Sydney last weekend.

A seven-woman troupe dressed in black shorts, red crop tops and berets performed a dance routine that included twerking in front of the auxiliary vessel, HMAS Supply. Video of the performance by the 101 Doll Squadron prompted criticism that it was not appropriate for a formal occasion.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) report cut between shots showing the dancers and a crowd of dignitaries including Governor-General David Hurley, Queen Elizabeth's representative in Australia.

However, Hurley had not arrived at the time of the routine, a spokesman for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) said.

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