Monday, Jun 14, 2021
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Vladimir Putin urges MI6 head not to interfere in UK-Russian relations

Telegraph, 05 Jun 2021
Vladimir Putin has urged against interference in Russian-British relations after the head of MI6 described the nation as a “declining power” and criticised the Kremlin’s “reckless” behaviour.

The Russian president has stressed that Richard Moore is "new" to his position and said the head of MI6 would likely "revisit his assesments".

The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service had referred to Russia as an "objectively declining power” and criticised the Kremlin's behaviour.

Putin, speaking on a video link from St Petersburg, asked "Why be concerned? Just live your life and don't try to spoil the Russian-British relations further."

The president went on to praise the "very good trade and economic ties" Russia has with the UK.

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