Friday, Jun 18, 2021
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Iceland volcano: Drone video shows stunning close-up view of bubbling lava as eruption continues

CA, 03 Jun 2021
Drone footage filmed in late May showed close-up shots of the Icelandic volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula spewing lava, over two months after it started to erupt.

Lava can be seen bubbling and flowing from the volcano, some 30 kilometres southwest of the capital Reykjavik, often in bursts.

Professor Sigurjon Jonsson, who operated the drone on May 24, worked on the science and monitoring leading up to the eruption, which began on March 19 and has become a tourist attraction, drawing hundreds of visitors every day.

Filmmaker and YouTuber Jon Bear captured his own stunning views of the volcanic activity for his YouTube channel.

NOTE: no edits were made other than shortening for brevity and adding music added since the footage was muted.

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