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In full: EU chief warns 'patience is wearing very thin' as threat of Brexit trade war escalates

Telegraph, 09 Jun 2021
The EU's patience with the UK "is wearing very, very thin", a Brussels chief has said today, as he ratcheted up the threats of legal action and other retaliation.

Three-hour talks in London this morning, aimed at resolving the post-Brexit trade disruption between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, ended in deadlock with both sides expressing frustration at the lack of progress.

At a subsequent press conference, Maros Sefcovic said: "Today I can say we are at a crossroads in our relationship with the UK. Trust, which should be at the heart of every relationship, needs to be restored.... The fact we are at the crossroads means our patience is wearing very, very thin."

As well as legal action, which could result in the first case reaching the European Courts of Justice this autumn, the EU is also considering the "suspension of cooperation in certain sectors", while quotas and tariffs could also be imposed.

Lord Frost told broadcasters: "There weren't any breakthroughs. There aren't any breakdowns either and we're going to carry on talking."

When asked about the prospect of invoking Article 16 - the last resort mechanism in the protocol - Lord Frost said: "There's a range of things we may consider and we continue to consider them."

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