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Keir Starmer admits Labour has 'lost connection' to voters

Telegraph, 08 May 2021
Sir Keir Starmer has admitted that Labour has “lost the trust of working people”, as he vowed to reconnect the party with voters.

The Labour leader said this afternoon he took responsibility for the “bitterly disappointing” local election results and pledged to set out plans to rejuvenate his leadership within days.

"We have changed as a party but we've not made a strong enough case to the country, we've lost that connection, that trust, and I intend to rebuild that and do whatever is necessary to rebuild that trust."

Responding to critics who question whether Labour has fallen too far behind to ever climb to victory again, Sir Keir denied that the party faces an existential crisis.

Asked about a widely touted reshuffle of his top team, Sir Keir did not deny that a shake up was imminent, but warned it would not be sufficient on its own to reinvigorate the party.

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