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Rastafarians in Africa face discrimination over dreadlocks

DW, 09 May 2021
What is the price to pay for simply wearing dreadlocks? Across Africa, many Rastafarians are being discriminated against for being exactly that; Rastafarians with dreadlocks. Even gaining access to their right to education is a major challenge.
Recently in Ghana, some Rastafarian kids were refused admission into a school just because of their hair. But the families are prepared to fight this through the court of law.
There are over 10,000 practicing Rastafarians in Ghana. Keeping their hair is an important aspect of their faith. But with that comes constant stereotyping as criminals. The Rastafarian council of Ghana continues to push for reforms.
Ghana’s laws allow for freedom of religion but the Rastafarian faith in not yet officially recognized. Human rights activists want a court verdict to stop the discrimination.
Many Ghanaians equally believe that Rastafarians deserve acceptance.


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