Thursday, Jun 24, 2021
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Colonial Pipeline: White House gives update on cyberattack, says no current supply shortage

CA, 11 May 2021
U.S. officials provided an update on Monday about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack that occurred Friday, with deputy national security advisor and Homeland Security advisor Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall saying that the pipeline had not suffered any damage and there was no supply shortage at this time. The pipeline operator shut its entire network down Friday in announcing the hack.

Sherwood-Randall said they were preparing for multiple contingencies and that the Department of Energy was analyzing potential supply disruptions and any effects on gas prices.

Deputy national security advisor for cyber and emerging technologies Anne Neuberger said that Colonial Pipeline had not at this time asked for cyber support but the administration would provide assistance if requested.

Asked if the pipeline company had paid any ransom, Neuberger deferred to the pipeline operator, saying it was a private company. She also advised the FBI had released a flash alert with indicators of compromise and mitigations for the DarkSide ransomware used in the hack and recommended all critical infrastructure companies consult the alert on how to protect their own systems.

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