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German President Steinmeier makes appeal for 'trust' during pandemic

DW, 03 Apr 2021
This Easter weekend, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier makes a rare appeal to the nation amid growing frustration with the pandemic.
Infections are once again surging in the country, with more than 18,000 new daily cases. In a prerecorded address, Steinmeier asks Germans to overcome a "crisis of trust" in the government.
The president compares and contrasts a domestic mood that has shifted markedly over the past nine months. Having previously boasted about being "pandemic world champions" after weathering the first wave relatively well, now the public mood had shifted to labeling Germany a global basket case.
"I ask myself: Why in Germany must everything be dealt with in superlatives? As Goethe put it, 'now shouting in triumph, now sunk in despair'?"
Steinmeier calls on people in Germany to trust their ability and not their doubt.
While Germany's primarily ceremonial head of state has many engagements at home and abroad, Steinmeier usually only makes such televised appearances at Christmas.


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