Monday, Apr 12, 2021
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Xinjiang Cotton: American-Chinese fashion insider sets record straight

CGTN, 09 Apr 2021
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The Better Cotton Initiative claims to be "not-for-profit" and "the largest cotton sustainability program." But it failed to account for the fact that cotton production in Xinjiang has long been highly mechanized and does not require a large number of cotton pickers. The accusation of "forced labor" in Xinjiang's cotton industry is hardly based on fact. Huang Hung, a well-known fashion industry insider in China, said China is the largest consumer of fashion and also the largest producer of fashion. Despite these figures, there are few big names in the Chinese fashion industry. Why the discrepancy? CGTN's Tian Wei talked to Hung about what underlying problem is behind the #Xinjiang #cotton boycott. #HuangHung

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