Saturday, Apr 17, 2021
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Calgary Board of Education facing lawsuit over 9-year-old student who died by suicide

CA, 03 Apr 2021
The family of a Calgary girl who took her own life after her parents say she was bullied has launched a lawsuit against the Calgary Board of Education.

Amal Alshteiwi was just nine years old when she died by suicide in March 2019.

Two years later, the pain of the loss continues to be felt by her family.

Her mother Nasra Abdulrahman told Global News after Amal’s death that she made the school aware of the bullying, but she says Amal never got the help she needed.

Now Amal’s parents have launched a $475,000 lawsuit against the CBE.

In the lawsuit, the family claims the CBE and the school she attended were negligent and failed Amal by not protecting her, failing to investigate the alleged bullying and not providing staff with proper training.

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