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Onset of Ramadan raises fears of coronavirus surges worldwide

DW, 10 Apr 2021
The Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins next week. It's a time when people gather after breaking their fast at sunset. And that's raising fears that this could cause the coronavirus to spread.
Preparations are in full swing - this mosque in Islamabad is being cleaned by volunteers.
And there're plenty of hustle and bustle at this market in the city. This as another wave of coronavirus cases wallops Pakistan - making preparations for Ramadan this year a struggle.
In Iraq, street markets are quieter than normal too. Covid-19 is raging through the country and many people are staying away from crowded places, as another muted Ramadan awaits.
In Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population, cemeteries are busy with families visiting the graves of loved ones - a tradition on the last weekend before the start of Ramadan.
The holy month begins in a just a few days' time, and lasts for 30 days.


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