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Greek crime reporter killed in 'execution style' shooting

DW, 10 Apr 2021
Police in Greece have launched a manhunt after a veteran crime reporter was shot dead outside his home in Athens. Giorgos Karaivaz was ambushed and shot several times as he arrived home from work. Investigators say the shooting looks like the work of professional killers.
It was described as an "execution-style" murder. Flowers mark the spot where well-known Greek journalist Giorgos Karaivaz was killed by several gunshots in front of his apartment in Athens.
Karaivaz was on his way home from a midday broadcast when two men on a motorbike drew up alongside him and opened fire. They killed him without a sound - which is why police think they were using a silencer.
As a veteran crime reporter, Karaivaz is likely to have made some enemies. He worked for the private channel, Star TV .
But while firebomb attacks and vandalism on journalists' offices are not unusual in Greece, murder is rare. And European officials are keen to make sure perpetrators are caught and brought to justice.
European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen wrote on Twitter "Murdering a journalist is a despicable, cowardly act. Europe stands for freedom. And freedom of press may be the most sacred of all. Journalists must be able to work safely."
The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatovic also tweeted her concern.
Colleagues of Karaivaz said he had not received any death threats. Authorities are investigating the killing. But all they know so far is that the murder was clearly well planned: the work of professionals.


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