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Copenhagen bar offers COVID-19 test and a beer in effort to get business moving again

CA, 27 Apr 2021
The Warpigs Brewpub in Copenhagen, Denmark is offering customers a way to wait out their COVID-19 test by offering them a beer after taking the swab as the pub looks to restart business after months of restrictions.

When customers arrive they can hand over 149 Danish krones, about US$25, and are given a COVID-19 test. They then receive a beer to drink while they wait about 30 minutes for their test result. Once they test negative, they can enter the pub.

It's part of Denmark's "corona-passport" system, where people can use a mobile app or government-approved form to show if they have been vaccinated, previously infected or have had a negative test in the past 72 hours. Under the new system, staff at museums, bars, restaurants and cafes check customers' status before they let them in. Some customers said while Denmark is offering free tests, the paid-for versions at Warpigs is actually helping them avoid queues elsewhere.

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