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On the campaign trail with Laurence Fox: London mayoral election 2021

Telegraph, 27 Apr 2021
As London prepares to go to the polls to elect their new London mayor, The Telegraph's Chief Political Correspondent Chris Hope joined Laurence Fox on the campaign trail to see what he stands for and whether he has a chance of being elected.

Currently polling at 1%, a victory for the Reclaim party look unlikely, but the actor does have the support of former UKIP leader Nigel Farage.  Mr Fox pledges that if he were to win the election he would end lockdown in May, adopt a 'tough New York approach' on crime and scrap Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

The Inspector Lewis actor first came into the political spotlight after his appearance on the BBC's Question time.  In late 2020 he established the Reclaim party with £5 million supposedly donated by supporters. 

Londoners head to the polls on May 6 after the election was delayed a year due to Covid.

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