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Alberta baby delivered at Balzac Fire Station: "It worked out perfect"

CA, 23 Apr 2021
A couple living in rural Alberta thought they were prepared for the birth of their fourth child — but their newborn had other ideas.

On the morning of April 10, Randi Dyck went into labour. She and her husband Peter Dyck got in their vehicle and headed towards Calgary, which is about an hour away from their home near the village of Linden, Alta.

Not far into their journey, she realized her worst nightmare was coming true.

"We live at least a half-hour from a hospital and quite far from the city," Randi said. "There's always that thought in the back of your mind."

Thankfully, not far off, the couple spotted the Balzac Fire Station just northeast of Calgary.

"Peter ran in and yelled, 'My wife’s in labour. We need to do something!'" Randi said.

"(The firefighters) dragged some mats out while they tried to hobble me inside, and I got down on all fours and out came a baby," she said with a laugh.

Tracy Nagai has the rest of the story.

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