Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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75% of Canadians need 1st COVID-19 vaccine for a less restrictions in summer, Dr. Tam says | FULL

CA, 23 Apr 2021
New national public health modelling released on Friday warned Canadians that a higher amount of people getting their first COVID-19 vaccine will influence restrictions in the summer.

Canada’s chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam said that 75 per cent of adults need to get at least one dose of the shot for a summer with fewer public health measures.

However, she outlined a second scenario, showing that if only 55 per cent of adults get one shot and 20 per cent their second shot, hospitals could be overwhelmed with cases if restrictions are lifted.
“These models give us hope, illustrating that there is a safe way to lift most restrictive public health measures…by this summer if enough people get vaccinated,” she said.

Tam also stated that case counts and hospitalizations are more than double what they were a month ago, but that Canada's national "Rt" has dipped below one. When the Rt is above one, this means the epidemic is growing, and when it’s below, it suggests It’s being brought under control.

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