Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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BC woman tells heart-wrenching story of losing her young husband to COVID-19

CA, 01 May 2021
Melissa Hance’s last memory of her husband is saying goodnight as she put him to bed on the family couch with a tray of medicine as he grappled with COVID-19.

“I look at him, and I say, ‘Do you have everything?’ And he said, ‘Yeah.’ I said, ‘Do you need anything else?’ He said, ‘No.’ So I just said, ‘OK, goodnight,'” she said.

“That’s the only night that I didn’t say I love you. I said I love you every night prior to that. It’s the only night I didn’t say I love you because I thought I would have the very next day.”

Now the mother of two from Tsawwassen, B.C. is speaking out with a warning: it’s not just the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions at risk of death from COVID-19.

“Even though my husband had COVID (he was a) perfectly healthy 46-year-old, no underlying health conditions, non-smoker, worked out,” Hance told Global News.

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