Friday, Jun 18, 2021
Focus on the big picture

What happens to the $1.3 billion Alberta invested into cancelled Keystone XL pipeline?

CA, 11 Jun 2021
Canada's TC Energy has cancelled the Keystone XL Pipeline expansion project, which would have added 19,000 kilometres to an existing pipeline, and carry Alberta crude oil to the the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s government has invested $1.3 billion into the project, which tax payers in the province are left to pay.

An executive order by U.S. President Biden preceded the final blow to the pipeline, which was first proposed in 2008. Now, Kenney says the Biden Administration should pay up.

As Tom Vernon reports, the political fallout is hurting Kenney amid facing sinking approving ratings and allegations of breaking pandemic restrictions.

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