Friday, Jun 25, 2021
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The tide is turning against the German Green party

DW, 12 Jun 2021
Only 7 1/2 weeks ago, the future looked rosy for the German Greens. Annalena Baerbock — their young and dynamic party co-leader — had just been announced as their first candidate for chancellor. The party rose in national polls to almost 30% and at times even overtook the CDU and its leader Armin Laschet. The chancellorship seemed within reach for the first time in the Greens' history.

But a lot has happened since, and the party’s campaign is faltering. The latest "Deutschlandtrend" monthly survey by pollster Infratest dimap puts the Green party at 20% voter support, well behind the CDU's 28%. Support for Annalena Baerbock has plummeted by 12%, putting her behind her competitors, with Laschet — who had been trailing for weeks — taking the lead.


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