Sunday, Aug 01, 2021
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Tokyo Olympics to allow 50% venue capacity, despite COVID-19 warnings

CA, 22 Jun 2021
Up to 10,000 domestic spectators will be allowed in Tokyo 2020 venues, Olympics organizers said on Monday, a decision that cuts against the recommendation of medical experts who said holding the event without fans was the least risky option.

The decision was widely expected after some recent comments by organizers and as the government’s own medical experts last week appeared resigned to the event going ahead with fans.

The limit for the Games, scheduled to begin on July 23, “will be set at 50 per cent of venue capacity, up to a maximum of 10,000 people,” organizers said in a statement. But the cheering – for a victory or a plucky underdog – will likely be quelled as shouting will be prohibited.

Redmond Shannon reports.

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