Thursday, Aug 05, 2021
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"A total farce:" Catalan independence supporters heckle Spanish PM over pardons

CA, 21 Jun 2021
Catalan independence supporters protested Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's announcement of plans to pardon nine leaders of Catalonia's failed independence bid in 2017, saying the pardon implies that the leaders were guilty and committed a crime.

"[Spain] is a terrorist state that is against Catalonia with all the laws and powers that be, and now they come to make a comedy of the reunion, this is a total farce," one Catalan independence supporter said during the protest.

During Sanchez's announcement, one protester was seen waving Catalan's yellow and red flag, shouting "independence is the only solution" while Sanchez was speaking.

With the pardons, Sanchez aims to ease tensions in the northeastern region and kick-start negotiations between the central government and Catalan authorities.

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