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War in Ukraine: Is there still time to de-escalate? | To The Point

DW, 22 Sep 2022
Russia is further escalating its war in Ukraine: Moscow is mobilizing 300.000 additional soldiers and talks about using, quote, "all military means", including the use of nuclear weapons. . Also, Moscow is orchestrating four so-called referendums to annex four Ukrainian provinces. Western governments unanimously condemn those sham referendums - but will countries like Germany now finally send those heavy weapons that Kyiv needs to repel the Russian aggression? That's our topic today on To The Point: War in Ukraine: Is there still time to de-escalate?

Our guests:
Professor Marina Henke, security and defense expert at the Hertie School
Moritz Gathmann, Chief reporter at the German politics monthly Cicero, he has lived in Russia for many years and travelled to Ukraine recently
Aylin Matlé, an expert on German and US defense policy at the German Society for Foreign Policy.

00:00 Putin’s speech signals he isn‘t ready to give in.
02:40 Is Putin bluffing?
03:50 Nuclear weapons: a red line for the west?
04:40 Putin on the draft of 300.000 soldiers
05:50 Is Putin cornered?
06:42 It will take a long time until new Russian soldiers are ready to fight
08:00 Russians are shocked by this partial mobilization
10:27 How significant are Ukrainian advances?
13:50 A possible settlement wouldn’t necessarily mean peace.
14:40 Can Ukraine trust Russia in possible negotiations?
15:00 Advantages of the German Leopard-tank
16:30 Why is Germany reluctant to deliver tanks?
18:20 There will be an answer of the West after Russian annexations
19:50 Is the West a party to this war?
20:50 A new Russian narrative: Russia is fighting the West in Ukraine
22:00 We shouldn’t be too gentle with the feelings of the aggressor
23:15 Can the West still de-escalate in this war?
23:40 The support of Russia from China is diminishing


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