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Why the New York lawsuit is sure to enrage Trump

CNN, 23 Sep 2022
Former President Donald Trump is facing an ever-growing list of legal challenges. In today’s episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why the civil lawsuit filed by New York's attorney general and his three eldest children is different from the rest.

Why this New York lawsuit is really going to anger Donald Trump
by Chris Cillizza

Donald Trump is not big on loyalty to anyone else -- with one major exception.

When it comes to his immediate family -- especially his adult children -- Trump is uncharacteristically loyal, demonstrating a fatherly pride and protectiveness that he shows to no one else in life.

"I have a lot of good relationships," Trump has said. "I have good enemies, too, which is okay. But I think more of my family than others."

In all of his endeavors -- from his real estate business to his reality TV empire to his White House tenure -- Trump has installed his children as his deputies, a clear signal that he only really trusts the people who are related to him by blood.

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