Friday, Nov 27, 2020
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Protesters clash with police in India after late-night cremation of gang rape victim

CA, 01 Oct 2020
Protests erupted in several parts of India on Wednesday after the authorities had the body of a gang-rape victim cremated at a ceremony her family said took place without their permission, which a district magistrate denies was the case.

The 19-year-old victim from the Dalit community - the lowest rung of India's ancient caste system - was attacked and raped on September 14 in a field near her home in Hathras district, 100 km from the capital, New Delhi, authorities said. She died in hospital on Tuesday from injuries sustained during the attack. Police have arrested four men in connection with the rape.

Praveen Kumar Laxar, a district magistrate, denied that the cremation had taken place without the family's permission.

Angry protesters seeking answers scuffled with police in New Delhi, and many were detained.

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