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Beyond Brexit: Why travel will be different from January 1 2021 - everything you need to know

Telegraph, 02 Dec 2020
The Brexit transition period is coming to an end. On December 31 2020, the UK will have totally left the EU – and this has consequences for the way we travel. 

In the second of our four-part video series exploring what this new era in Britain’s history will mean for us, The Telegraph’s Deputy Head of Travel, Ben Ross, explains the “big changes” for UK travellers from 1 January 2021. 

No longer part of an ‘EU travel club’ where we can hop across multiple European countries easily, countries will change the way they accept holidaymakers to different regions. 

With a Brexit deal yet to be made and talks ongoing, there could be noticeable changes at border control.  Travellers could have their passport stamped in every EU country, be asked to confirm they have enough money for the duration of their stay and potentially even have to queue up in a separate, non-EU line. 

Issues like taking pets abroad, staying at your second home and medical insurance will also significantly change. 

In 2022, the EU are hoping to introduce a new visa waiver which makes things easier for non-EU members to travel within the EU once a payment of a fee has been made but, until then, travel may be a little more complicated.

For a total explainer of everything you need to know regarding travel in and outside of the EU come 2021, watch the video above. 

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