Sunday, Dec 04, 2022
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Zelenskiy condemns 'pseudo-referendums' as Russia moves ahead with vote in occupied regions

Guardian, 24 Sep 2022
Volodymyr Zelenskiy has condemned 'sham referenda' in occupied Ukrainian regions has Russia goes ahead with the controversial polls. 'The world will react absolutely justly to pseudo-referendums - they will be definitely condemned' said the Ukrainian president in his nightly address on Friday. Four Russian-occupied regions began voting on whether they would join the Russian Federation, according to leaders of Russia-backed separatist leaders. Voting would be conducted on a door-to-door basis according to state media, except on the 27th September were people will be able to vote in person.

Speaking in a video message he also said Russia was mobilising troops from Crimea. 'This is a deliberate attempt by the aggressor state to take the lives of as many residents of the territory which Russian troops entered,' said Zelenskiy.
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